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Royal Motorways upgrades workshop with Totalkare brake tester

Coach and minibus transportation provider, Royal Motorways, has enhanced its maintenance and testing capabilities with the integration of a Totalkare in-ground brake tester.

Following an “excellent experience” with Totalkare when acquiring a set of preowned mobile column lifts and small wheel adaptors, the company returned to Totalkare to invest in an in-ground brake tester. Totalkare also managed the necessary civil works on behalf of Royal Motorways.

The decision to upgrade to Totalkare’s DVSA-approved in-ground brake tester reflects Royal Motorways dedication to safety of its vehicle fleet.

Designed to accommodate vehicles with axle loads of up to 20,000kg, the new brake tester will ensure thorough testing of the entire fleet.

Key benefits of the in-ground brake tester include its versatility, with models capable of accommodating axle loads ranging from 6,000kg to 20,000kg. Its DVSA approval underscores its compliance with industry standards, while its handheld tablet unit offers the ability to test from the comfort of the driver’s seat in just a few minutes.

The roller wear surfaces, constructed from mesh steel, not only guarantee durability but also deliver precise and reliable measurements, critical for ensuring the safety of Royal Motorways vehicles on the road.

George Preston, of Royal Motorways, said: “The brake tester has been a fantastic addition to our workshop, helping us to bring our brake testing in house, saving us both time and money over testing our fleet externally.”