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Imexpart adds Champion Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs

Imexpart (IMEX) has announced its latest expansion of its product line-up with the introduction of Champion Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs tailored for car and LCV applications.

The new range of Champion Spark Plugs offers a wide selection, including Iridium, Platinum, and Double Copper variants.

Each spark plug is engineered to optimise engine performance, resist erosion, and minimise wear, ensuring durability and efficiency.

Champion’s line-up of Glow Plugs provides reliable solutions for diesel engines designed to enhance reliability and performance.

The brand’s Integrated Pressure Sensor Glow Plug facilitates ultra-fast warm-up, enabling rapid starting even in cold conditions. Plus, the Champion Ceramic Glow Plugs and Instant Start System contribute to smooth engine operation and reduced emissions.

As a globally recognised leader in spark plugs, Champion has earned the trust of millions of garages and technicians worldwide. With a product range covering 95 per cent of the European Car Parc, its range ensures compatibility with a wide array of vehicle models, providing versatility and convenience.

IMEX has been a key player in the automotive parts distribution sector, specialising in replacement parts for trucks and engine parts catering to car, van, truck, and bus applications, for over 35 years.