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ESB Networks on dangers of putting posters on electricity poles

ESB Networks is reminding all groups and parties involved in the upcoming Local and European elections that the erection of posters on electricity poles is strictly prohibited and poses a serious safety risk to members of the public as well as ESB Networks staff and contractors.

Hazardous situations have been created in the past by people erecting posters on live electricity poles. ESB Networks’ wires and equipment are always live. Attaching anything to electricity poles exposes you to the risk of electric shock, burns and falling from a height. Posters attached to poles have caused poles to catch fire and fall. It is never safe to interfere with electricity equipment.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming elections, Michael Murray, ESB Networks public safety manager, said: “ESB Networks regularly advise members of the public to always stay clear of electricity poles and wires through our various campaigns.

“It is important that these messages are taken on board in the interest of safety. ESB Networks has previously been required to interrupt the electricity supply to households and businesses in order to safely remove posters.”

You should always stay safe and stay clear of electricity wires and cables as these are always live and potentially dangerous.

If you see a potentially dangerous situation or in the event of an emergency involving the electricity network, contact ESB Networks on its 24/7 emergency phone number: 1800 372 999.