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Construction giant boosts productivity with Webfleet

Construction materials giant Breedon claims to have slashed the amount of time it spends on tachograph administration by 1,300 hours a year – thanks to Webfleet, Bridgestone’s fleet management solution.

With 450 HGVs operating across more than 300 sites, the group provides asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and surfacing solutions across the UK and Ireland.

Webfleet’s Tachoshare Plus has helped Breedon re-coup the admin time by facilitating automatic daily remote downloads of both driver and vehicle tachograph data.

Drivers and transport managers no longer need to travel to depots to complete vehicle downloads, saving them valuable time and maximising productivity by keeping the trucks on the road.

Truck-specific navigation is also saving time and boosting driver safety.

“With Webfleet’s HGV routing, we can set much more accurate routes avoiding low bridges, weight restrictions and narrow lanes,” said Sarah Scothern, general manager, transport & logistics at Breedon Group plc. “It also means we can give more accurate pricing estimates for delivery jobs.”

With Mantis camera integration on most trucks, the transport team can now access video evidence remotely, immediately after incidents, using the same Webfleet interface.

“Far from being a Big Brother intrusion, the in-cab technology means we can support our drivers better,” explained Scothern.

“With Webfleet and the multi-camera system, we can see the full picture, confirming, for example, that a driver was braking sharply to avoid a car cutting in, rather than driving dangerously.”

The company is analysing Webfleet data to identify incidents and event hot spots – and to gain insights into the root cause of problems.

The investment has resulted in a significant insurance premium rebate in recognition of lower anticipated accident rates.

Breedon has also set its sights on improving driver behaviour, leveraging Webfleet’s OptiDrive 360 driver feedback and reporting.

“As well as setting challenging KPIs, we’re planning to introduce a driver of the year and most improved driver award, to help keep drivers incentivised to drive more safely and efficiently,” said Scothern.

“In addition, we’re planning to integrate around 800 owner-drivers into the system, so wherever you work in the business, everyone will be measured against the same benchmark.”