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Autopaint Supplies brings Victory infrared range to Ireland

Autopaint Supplies has introduced the Victory Lighting range of infrared products to the Irish market, becoming its exclusive supplier here.

A family-run business operating for over 30 years, Victory Lighting is a UK manufacturer of infrared and ultraviolet lamps for a number of industrial processes and consumer products.

Victory’s range of infrared drying and curing systems is ideally suited for vehicle body repair shops for use on passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles. Its infrared drying systems are also suitable for non-vehicle applications including drying and curing finishes on woods and metals.

Victory’s Heatlight range of large paint dryers utilises 1 and 1.5kW glare control lamps, configured in individual cassettes to yield up to 6kW of drying heat. The lamps emit short wave infrared heat which is ideal for optimising drying of water-based paints.

These flexible systems allow each cassette to be adjusted and locked into position around the contours of the vehicle body, ensuring maximum area coverage. There are also options for temperature/distance sensors for ultimate controllability.

Victory says the reflectors in its dryers have been carefully designed to maximise efficiency and evenly distribute heat over the widest possible target. Each cassette can be profiled to the curves of the target. The Heatlight system thus delivers efficient heating with the best possible paint finish.

For the ultimate flexibility and efficiency, Victory highlights its VLPV30 which has two cassettes that can be independently rotated to achieve many different drying configurations.

For more information on the Victory Lighting range of infrared products contact Autopaint Supplies on 042 932 8317.