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Maha Ireland focuses on in-house preventative maintenance

Maha Ireland has highlighted in-house preventative maintenance as catalyst for a boost in garage equipment numbers.

The company believes the cost of labour and operators’ desire to be more efficient has triggered a surge in fleets bringing vehicle inspections and testing in-house. This confidence is supported by year-on-year sale increases of specific garage equipment.

Stephen Flinter, Maha Ireland sales manager said: “While out visiting and talking to customers based in the transport and haulage industry, it would appear there has been a shift in companies establishing their own preventative maintenance programme and, therefore, their ability to carry out mandatory 12-week maintenance inspections, including brake testing, in-house.

“It makes sense for fleets boasting large numbers of vehicles to bring their inspections in-house. While the initial outlay is there, the return on investment is quick because members of staff won’t be off the premises for hours at a time, there are no additional fuel expenses, no back-and-forth if there are issues to be resolved – it’s more efficient, structured and controlled.”

Stephen Flinter

This is encouraging news for Maha Ireland, as there has been a gradual increase in the sales of its HGV brake testers and LMS axle play detectors.

Flinter added: “We are pleased to be playing our part in making roads safer with our premium equipment. Furthermore, we would encourage those bringing maintenance and inspections in-house to look into our own equipment preventative maintenance scheme to make their lives even easier!”

Preventative maintenance is available for all Maha equipment at purchase or during its service life – it’s never too late to start either! Upon signing-up, Maha Ireland will generate an annual schedule reminder, agree dates in advance and allocate just three hours per test lane.

What’s more, with Maha Ireland engineers’ knowledge and experience, they are often able to identify and act upon unforeseen, underlying issues that could otherwise create unplanned, inconvenient interruptions.

The preventative maintenance service will also enhance safety and working conditions for staff, with a detailed record of work performed provided upon completion.

MBT 7250 Eurosystem brake tester
The Maha MBT 7250 measures brake performance both quickly and accurately. It can be found in most CVRT centres and workshop across Ireland. The Eurosystem software enables integration with additional measurement devices such as headlight, emission and suspension testers.

The MBT 7250 has the ability to measure trucks with axle loads up to 18 tonnes and has a large roller sensor with a diameter of 100mm. It is versatile too; it can help with diagnostics in situations of high vehicle throughput, support tachograph measurement and offers various load simulations.

In addition to the yearly DOE test, all HGVs, trucks and trailers are required to brake test every 12 weeks. To be classed as roadworthy, the brakes must comply with RSA regulation standards.

LMS 20.0 axle play detector
Axle play detectors are designed to find defects and wear in steering components, wheel bearings, shock absorbers and suspension – whether that be through lateral or longitudinal movement on the test plates. They can check all components that swivel, twist or pivot – in essence, it can check everything in one action, ensuring they’re working as they should be.

Maha’s LMS 20.0 has an in-built hydraulic drive that ensures a powerful and smooth movement of the test plates. An automatic mode, as well as other operating methods, means the aforementioned equipment is flexible, accommodating to the operator’s needs and simple to use.

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