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Harris Group presents Irish Blue Cross with new mobile clinic

The Irish Blue Cross has received a new mobile veterinary clinic from commercial vehicle distributor Harris Group.

The new mobile clinic, which is a specially converted Maxus Deliver 9 vehicle, will be used by the organisation as a fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic.

The vehicle becomes the newest mobile in the fleet of now four by the not-for-profit organisation, providing veterinary services to reduced-means pet owners.

The Irish Blue Cross operates a fleet of three mobile veterinary clinics throughout Dublin along with operating a pet hospital clinic in Inchicore. The mobile veterinary clinics are on the road every weekday evening providing veterinary services in some of Dublin’s underprivileged communities.

In 2022, the Inchicore Clinic carried out 12,250 veterinary treatments, and the Dublin-based mobile clinic teams treated a further 2,382 pets and vaccinated 2,572 pets.

At the presentation of the new clinic, Denise Harris, chief executive of Harris Group said: “I really admire the fantastic work which The Irish Blue Cross undertakes in communities across Dublin, helping pet owners provide care and attention for their pets which sometimes due to financial restrictions they may not be able to afford.

“For many pet owners, particularly for older adults living alone, their pet is often their closest companion and may be their only source of comfort, providing critical social connection.

“The importance of that connection has been shown to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of their owners.

“By providing low-cost healthcare for pets, The Irish Blue Cross ensures these companions can live long and healthy lives with their owners.”

Chris Conneely, chief executive of The Irish Blue Cross acknowledged the donation, saying: “Our work relies a lot on donations and the goodwill of sponsors.

“A gift of a new custom built Maxus Mobile Veterinary Clinic given by the Harris Group, in memory of the late Pino Harris and his love for animals is simply a wonderful act of support.

“It is very uplifting that the Harris Group did not hesitate in helping animals in this meaningful way for many years to come.”