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Goodyear telematics added to Mercedes-Benz trucks

Goodyear has integrated its DriverHub mobile application into the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal.

The tyre manufacturer says the integration will offer drivers and fleets using Mercedes-Benz trucks access to additional real-time vehicle data, driving efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability through instant access to tyre condition information.

The Goodyear DriverHub offers real-time information sourced from Goodyear’s tyre management solutions, including Goodyear TPMS, Goodyear CheckPoint, and Goodyear DrivePoint.

Instant alerts and notifications are triggered upon detecting deviations from predetermined tyre pressure and temperature levels, helping drivers and fleet to reduce breakdowns as well as help support safety and performance on the road.

Piotr Czy┼╝yk, managing director proactive solutions and fleets Europe at Goodyear said: “This integration exemplifies our commitment to driving efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability in the road transport industry.

“By seamlessly integrating our tyre data insights into the Mercedes-Benz Truck app, we empower drivers and fleet operators to make informed decisions that support optimisation of their fleets’ operations and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Goodyear says one of the standouts features of its DriverHub app is its predictive technology that alerts drivers and fleet operators in case of pressure leaks with ability to detect and differentiate fast or slow leak.

This proactive notification allows drivers to take immediate and appropriate actions and connect with the dispatcher for further instructions. The same information can be shared in real-time with fleet operators via mobile app, helping to reduce the likelihood of tyre-related incidents and enhancing overall road safety.