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Finkbeiner column lifts from P.J. Fallon & Son

Workshop equipment specialist, P.J. Fallon & Son represents Finkbeiner, the leading German brand of mobile lifting equipment.

Mobile column lifts are the perfect solution to heavy duty workshop lifting, when space in the workshop is at a premium.

All that is required is a level workshop floor for operating these highly manoeuverable column lifts. There’s no costly permanent installation, and the lifts can be stored away when not in use.

Finkbeiner is a world leader in mobile column lift technology, and in 1981 the company developed the first worldwide wheel engaging mobile column lift with hydraulic drive, which was unique and ground breaking at the time.

Finkbeiner’s latest hydraulic model is the EHB907, a 7.5 tonne, a single phase charging wireless mobile column lift. With four lifts in the set, the EHB907 has a lifting capacity of 30 tonne. Four lifts are sufficient to lift a standard rigid lorry.

Joe Fallon, managing director of P.J Fallon & Son said: “Some workshops would purchase six lifts, which allow them to lift an articulated truck and trailer, with two lifts under the front axle of the truck, another two under the back axle and two under the trailer.

“The lifts are single phase charging, wire- less and 24 volt battery operated, with slow and fast speeds. You can operate one column at a time, two columns at a time or all four at the same time.

“They can also be charged while in use and a full charge, will last for a week in a normal workshop.”

Optional extras include a ‘Chassis Beam’ and an ‘A Frame’, which facilitate lifting the truck and trailer off the chassis instead of the wheels. The ‘A Frame’ can also be used to lift the fifth wheel.

The lifts come with adjustable forks as standard, which allows the operator to lift car, van and truck. For more information contact P.J. Fallon on 090 66 269 63.