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The difference between tailored and universal seat covers

Vehicle seat cover manufacturer, Town & Country Covers, which is distributed in Ireland by Carcessories, has a wide array of options; however, when deciding on what sea cover is best, the question is, should it be tailored or universal?

Whether it is an Iveco, MAN, DAF, or any other type of commercial vehicle, Town & Country Covers claims it has a solution for any seat cover need.

Town & Country Covers says it is a highly regarded company in the automotive, CV and agricultural sectors, and due to its relationships with top vehicle manufacturers, including MAN and DAF, the company has access to their seats to ensure its tailored seat cover offering is a perfect fit.

The main benefit of a universal seat cover is simplicity. Town & Country’s universal covers are designed to fit as many different vehicles as possible, with access to an integrated seatbelt on either side, so there is no need to differentiate between driver and passenger covers.

They are designed as a one-piece cover that can be fitted quickly and easily. They are also a more affordable option compared to the tailored range.

All tailored seat covers are designed in-house at Town & Country Covers and go through stringent tests to ensure their fit and that they are as easy to fit as possible. According to Town & Country Covers, the advantage of a tailored cover over a universal is that they will be a perfect fit, will allow for full adjustment of the seats and give access to features of the seat such as under-seat storage or fold-down trays.

For all its tailored and universal seat covers, Town & Country Covers says it prides itself on sourcing high-quality materials for all its products. This is vital for commercial vehicle drivers who need long-lasting, waterproof seat covers.

Its signature polyester blend is the perfect balance of style, comfort, and toughness, which is guaranteed to add years to the life of any seat, according to Town & Country Covers.

Ultimately, the type of seat cover needed is dependent on the functionality required. If a driver wants to use all the seat functions and access adjustable headrests, then they will want a tailored seat cover.

If they just need something simple to keep the seat safe, clean and in excellent condition, a universal truck seat cover will do the job, Town & Country Covers concludes.