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Oil in a Box

In a world constantly evolving with technological innovation, even the most fundamental aspects of our lives are being reimagined for convenience and sustainability.

One such innovation that has garnered attention in the workshop is the concept of ‘Oil in a Box’. This seemingly simple yet transformative idea holds the potential to reshape how we store, use, and think about lubricants.

Shift in lubricant storage
Lubricants, the lifeblood of any vehicle, and their methods of storage and distribution have remained relatively unchanged for decades. Traditional oil storage involves bulk tanks, 200 litre barrels, and plastic/steel 20 litre drums. The latter of which being the most problematic for most workshops, with the storage and disposal of the 20 litre plastic drum a major headache and unwanted cost for any workshop manager.

‘Oil in a Box’ challenges this status quo by condensing the same 20 litres of lubricant into a compact and portable container. This innovative concept carries with it a host of benefits that revolutionise the way we handle oil.

  • Compact Convenience – Smaller packaging for the same literage means easier handling and storage for all in the workshop.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – Reduced plastic usage compared to traditional 20 litre drums results in a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Reduced Waste Disposal – With less packaging, disposal of the oil in a box is easier than the 20 litre drums.

TotalEnergies Quartz Box
As ever TotalEnergies, a forerunner in advancements in the oil and energy industries, has joined this new evolution and has developed its Quartz Box to ensure loyal customers to the Quartz brand can take full advantage of their favourite fully approved lubricants in a more sustainable storage solution.

Total Energies’ Quartz Box is designed to increase sustainability by using 86 per cent less plastic than the 20 litre plastic drum and 100 per cent recyclable cardboard whilst providing an improved storage solution meaning each 20 litre box is 348 grammes lighter than 20 litre plastic drums making it easier on users, to handle and they provide for 20 per cent more volume per pallet than 20 litre plastic drums, allowing for fewer trucks on the road.

TotalEnergies Quartz Box Range
Finol, the Irish distribution partner for TotalEnergies, now offers a range of fully approved TotalEnergies Quartz Lubricant products in the oil in a box option available in stock in Dublin, along with an innovative storage and dispensing stand for ease of use.

The initial range includes the following, with more products arriving shortly:

  • TotalEnergies Quartz INEO Long Life 5W-30
  • TotalEnergies Quartz INEO FDE 0W-30
  • TotalEnergies Quartz INEO XTRA Long Life 0W-20
  • TotalEnergies Quartz INEO XTRA First 0W-20
  • TotalEnergies Quartz INEO XTRA EC6 0W-20

For more information on this range or any of the TotalEnergies lubricant range, contact the sales team in Finol at 01 4555484 or visit for more information.