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Neil Yates Recovery equips workshop with Totalkare

Rochester-based Neil Yates Recovery has partnered with Totalkare to invest in new workshop equipment.

The operator has added Totalkare’s cable-free mobile column lifts, mobile brake tester and mobile shaker plates, to ensure its extensive fleet of recovery trucks remain in peak operational condition.

Totalkare says its T8DC mobile column lifts have proven to be indispensable for Neil Yates Recovery, adding that its advanced technology ensures precise control and safety during lifting operations, a crucial aspect when dealing with a fleet of this magnitude.

The other advantage of the T8DC is the ability to use it in combinations of four, six or eight columns. With a fleet of predominantly tri-axle vehicles, Neil Yates Recovery’s investment in a set of six columns provides full fleet lifting capability, while the T8DC’s adjustable forks come into play when switching between vehicles for maintenance.

The addition of Totalkare’s mobile brake tester has streamlined Neil Yates Recovery’s brake testing procedures, which is vital for the safety and compliance of its vehicles.

It has not only saved precious time but also contributed to cost reductions by bringing brake testing in-house, a crucial factor in the competitive world of vehicle recovery. This efficiency ensures that its trucks are roadworthy and ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Furthermore, the integration of mobile shaker plates into its maintenance routine has fortified Neil Yates Recovery’s commitment to vehicle safety and reliability. These shaker plates allow for comprehensive testing of vehicle components, guaranteeing that they are in optimal condition, ready to handle the most challenging recovery operations.

Adam Bowser, sales and marketing director at Totalkare, underlined the advantages of these investments for Neil Yates Recovery: “Our T8DC mobile column lifts offer unrivalled flexibility and precision in vehicle maintenance, while the mobile brake tester and shaker plates bring substantial savings in time and costs.

“These investments will undoubtedly bolster Neil Yates Recovery’s ability to provide uninterrupted 24/7 support across the UK and Europe by ensuring vehicle safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.”