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ZF develops tech to gain more range in real-world driving

Assist systems such as adaptive cruise control can not only make driving more comfortable, but also enable energy savings and increase electric range through more efficient driving strategies.

ZF has developed a predictive adaptive cruise control (ACC), ZF Eco Control 4 ACC, which it claims can enable up to eight per cent more range in an electric vehicle or combustion powered vehicle.

A core component of this ACC add-on is a Model Predictive Control (MPC) optimisation algorithm from Embotech.

In particular, it is said by ZF to be capable of evaluating in real time map information up to the next 500 metres of road. This means that information about the following uphill and downhill gradients, curves or speed restrictions is continuously incorporated into the evaluation, and the assistance system attempts to balance time and energy in the best possible way.

Field tests by ZF have shown that Eco Control 4 ACC can achieve a range gain of up to eight per cent in real world traffic.

As an add-on function for series ACCs, ZF says it can be used in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, including buses and trucks, regardless of the type of powertrain.

Alexander Domahidi, Embotech CTO and co-founder said: “Eco Control 4 ACC is a game-changer in CO2 emissions reductions. The saving potential of up to eight per cent with ‘just a piece of code’ is a giant step forward to revolutionise greener mobility and transportation.”