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Finol helping fleet operators reduce maintenance and costs

Fleet operators face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their vehicles and keeping maintenance costs under control. One critical aspect that can significantly impact these costs is the choice of lubricants used in the fleet.

Many consider reducing their costs by looking at cheap products and brands to see an instant reduction in spending, however this method is a short-term gain that can lead to long-term higher costs.

Choosing high-quality lubricant not only protects the engine and other crucial components but also contributes to reducing costs in the long run through vehicle longevity, extended drain intervals, improved vehicle performance, and fuel economy.

High-quality and fully approved lubricants are designed to exceed most leading vehicle manufacturers’ performance levels to ensure they can outperform the requirements of the vehicles. This is something that cannot be guaranteed with cheaper brands that are usually blended to the minimum requirement of the performance levels to save on production costs, thus their lower prices.

One of the leading trusted lubricants partners to many of the large and small fleet operators in Ireland and lubricants partner to some of the leading Irish fleet OEMs such as Scania Ireland, Renault Trucks, MAN Ireland & Harris Group is Finol Oils.

Finol has been distributing lubricants in Ireland since 1977 and is the distribution partner for brands such as TotalEnergies, Petro Canada, Actioil & Bluecat. Finol says it works with its customers and can help fleet operators reduce maintenance expenses and improve overall operational efficiency through:

1. Tailored Lubricant Solutions: Finol understands that different vehicles and operating conditions require specific lubricant formulations. It offers a comprehensive range of lubricants designed for various applications, including heavy-duty trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles. By providing tailor-made lubricant solutions, Finol’s team can help ensure you are using the correct products and consolidate the number of products required to reduce your stock holding.

2. Superior Engine Protection: Engines are the heart of any fleet, and protecting them is crucial for minimising maintenance costs. Finol’s range of high-quality and fully approved lubricants provide superior engine protection, reduces friction, prevent wear, and minimise the formation of harmful deposits, thereby extending the engine’s lifespan. Through this superior performance, these high-quality products can significantly reduce maintenance expenses associated with unplanned breakdowns and maintenance work by preventing and reducing them.

3. Extended Oil Drain Intervals: Regular oil changes are a necessary part of vehicle maintenance, but they can be time-consuming and costly for fleet operators. Finol’s team can analyse your fleet and ensure you are maximising the intervals allowed for those vehicles. Its range of lubricants, with excellent thermal and oxidative stability, allows for extended oil drain intervals. By using these lubricants, fleet operators can safely extend the time between oil changes, reducing maintenance downtime and the associated costs. Moreover, this also contributes to increased operational efficiency, as vehicles spend less time in the workshop.

4. Fuel Economy Lubricants: Fuel costs make up a significant portion of a fleet operator’s expenses. The team at Finol understands this and provides lubricants designed to improve fuel efficiency. Its range of Fuel Economy lubricants helps reduce internal engine friction, enabling engines to operate more efficiently and consume less fuel. By incorporating FE lubricants into their fleet maintenance program, operators can achieve substantial fuel savings, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved profitability.

5. Expert Technical Support: Finol Oils prides itself on its team of knowledgeable experts, with over 220 years of combined sales and technical support experience, who are available to provide technical support and guidance to fleet operators. Whether it’s selecting the right lubricants, addressing specific performance issues, or optimising lubricant stock or change intervals, its experts can offer valuable insights and recommendations.

With over one million litres of stock in Dublin and its own fleet of delivery vehicles equipped to deliver any pack size and pump off bulk, Finol says its customers can be assured of timely deliveries in addition to the above benefits.

In addition, for bulk customers, Finol offers its Nero tank management service to ensure bulk tanks never runs out. With its recent expansion of service in Northern Ireland, Finol adds that it is even more ready to offer the same great products and services to fleet operators throughout Northern Ireland.