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New Power-Tec pulling tower

Specialist bodyshop tool and equipment supplier Power-Tec has introduced its new highly versatile pulling tower (part number 92657).

It says this innovative tool is designed to revolutionise your repair process with its mobility and pneumatic vacuum system, eliminating the need for fixings as it firmly anchors to the workshop floor.

Place the pulling tower conveniently next to the damaged bodywork in need of repair — the mechanical hoist can be easily adjusted to the desired height.

The pulling tower’s stability is ensured by the anchoring plate, which securely adheres to the workshop floor using the vulcanised rubber suction pad. By connecting it to the workshop air supply, the tower remains firmly anchored, making it an ideal solution for glue-pulling on both steel and aluminium panels.

Power-Tec claims it can deliver an impressive pulling traction force of up to 550kg.

The optional 700mm pole extension (part number 92659) allows you to reach high areas such as truck or van roofs, providing the necessary flexibility for any repair job. The standard tower’s height is 1650mm, and this is extended to 2350mm with the pole extension.

For pulling down on damaged floor pans or sills, the vertical pull kit (part number 92660) comes into play, featuring a second suction anchoring plate.

Included with the pulling tower is a claw-hook for use with various tools like weld-on squiggly wire, Miracle System bits, glue pads, weld-on tack, pull plates, and more.

Power-Tec adds that this pulling tower enables repairs in confined spaces, offers pulling from any angle, and ultimately reduces repair times significantly.