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Have your say on biomethane freight vehicles

Do you currently operate, have considered introducing, or decided against bio-methane freight vehicles in your fleet? If so, researchers at TU Dublin would like to hear from you.

Many European governments have introduced ambitious carbon reduction targets in line with the need to reduce emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 and to net zero by 2050.

Road freight transport presents some of the most difficult decarbonisation challenges, while it accounts for approximately 40 per cent of road transport emissions dominates all transport related emissions. Increasing demand for goods in developed and developing economies add more pressure for innovative sustainable freight transport solutions and targeted infrastructure investments.

Previous research studies show a divergence between the governments’ incentivised decarbonisation direction and the industry’s preferences, which might hinder the uptake of cleaner vehicles among HGV operators.

Additionally, among alternative fuels, the current available and relative cheaper biomethane, is less discussed as a potential option for freight transport and has not received equal attention among European governments.

The purpose of this research is to explore the experiences of early adopters and non-adopters of biomethane fuelled HGVs, and better understand the challenges that road freight companies face in decarbonising their operations in the current business environment.

TUD Dublin is now inviting freight operators to an online interview to seek their views on the challenges in adopting cleaner energy fuelled vehicles. In addition to larger organisations, smaller businesses and self-employed contractors who are often overlooked in research and policymaking are being invited to get involved.

Your participation in this study will enable the researchers to communicate the findings to policy makers and the public. The interview should take no more than 60 minutes, and the questions will be shared in advance.

For more information click here, scan the QR code below or email

A full participant information sheet can be accessed here.