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FTAI initiatives to help you save fuel

Do you want to be rewarded for saving fuel? That’s the question posed by the Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI), and now is your chance to gain the reward.

EcoFleet is a system whereby a company who is demonstrating fuel savings can receive a financial support to contribute to those savings.

Typically for every 10,000 litres a company saves on fuel usage they receive a payment of €1,000.

FTA Ireland recommends that all TruckSafe members report their energy savings.

Save Fuel: Get Paid
FTAIreland will train and support your team, measure and verify your fuel performance savings (quarterly). Enprova will reward those savings with a bonus, paid annually.

Performance Certificate
When customers ask for proof of your fleet’s environmental or energy performance e.g. for their ISO50001 systems: ECOfleet gives you an independent certificate of performance, that protects your commercially sensitive data.

How does your fleet perform against Irish, UK or EU benchmarks? ECOfleet provides insight and benchmarks based on measured performance from an anonymised database, UK or EU benchmarks.

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