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Dixon on the road with new Volvo FM Electric 4×2

Dixon International Logistics has completed the first transfer of Coca Cola products from Coca-Cola HBC in Lisburn to Dublin, using one of its new fully electric Volvo FM Electric 4×2 tractor units.

Operations manager, Brendan Dixon reports that the truck performed fantastically covering 303 kms, all powered from the company’s Solar Plant in Dublin.

Three of these trucks will be transporting Coca-Cola products from Coca Cola HBC in Lisburn to BWG Foods in Dublin.

A long way to go, but a start in helping to meet the target of 70 per cent of Volvo’s trucks in Europe in 2030 being electric powered. Well done to Dixon International Logistics.

Tesco gets its first Volvo Electric FM

Meanwhile Volvo Trucks UK has supplied a new FM Electric 4×2 tractor unit to Tesco, to support its commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2035. It is believed to be the first zero-emissions 40-tonne Volvo to commence work with a UK supermarket.

Sold by key accounts manager, Jose Lavarello, the new FM Electric with Globetrotter cab meets the Direct Vision Standard three-star rating and will operate with various trailer types and lengths.

It will be used to deliver goods to stores across Greater London, Suffolk, Essex and Kent, hauling ambient grocery items seven days a week.

“We don’t allocate vehicles to specific routes, so it is imperative any new truck can immediately slot into our workflow and tackle any assignment effectively. We’re confident the FM Electric will do just that, making a seamless transition into our day-to-day operations,” says Cliff Smith, Tesco’s fleet engineering manager, commenting on the suitability of the FM Electric for Tesco’s store deliveries in the South East.

Volvo Truck UK says that at the moment, its electric trucks offer a range of up to 300km. However, the range depends to a large extent on external conditions such as the weather and wind resistance, together with the weight of the truck and the driver’s driving style.

The range and the service life can be extended by using economy drive modes, training the driver and carefully following the instructions for charging and managing the batteries.

Volvo Trucks says that it looks closely at each customer’s circumstances and draws up possible routes and charging strategies. Customers can use digital tools to track and plan the use of the truck so that the charging patterns can be improved over time.