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Autojob now offering replacement cores service

Autojob has partnered with European-based suppliers to offer its customers replacement cores for DPF, SCR and CAT units for most major unit types.

Cork-based Autojob says the new replacement, EU manufactured cores, offer customers greater choice in quality, price and service life instead of whole unit replacement.

Exhaust filtration units that are no longer serviceable can now be re-cored giving customers a considerable reduction in the cost of replacement with a dealer unit.

“The original vehicle units themselves still remain the same externally as the work is carried out internally,” said Justin O’Brien, owner of Autojob. “This ensures that there are no fitment problems afterwards like what can sometimes be the case with spurious, aftermarket units.”

Justin O’Brien, Autojob owner

In addition to this, O’Brien says Autojob can also source and supply genuine, used, serviced units should core replacement not be currently available for a particular application.

O’Brien added: “Presently, vehicle emissions parts like the DPF and SCR require to be cleaned or serviced as part of regular service intervals.

“The current trend of only looking at the emissions filters when they require attention and in some cases when they are beyond cleaning and trying to fix the problem by inducing numerous forced regenerations, only costs owners and operators double in the long run.

“Internal damage like melting and cracking are the end results of quick fix type repairs. Having the filters serviced by Autojob during regular service intervals will dramatically reduce overall running costs instead of unnecessary, expensive, whole-unit replacement.”

He continued: “With emissions levels being ever more scrutinised and with the further reductions that are coming with the new EU7 levels, operators will have to take a more serious look at emissions systems to keep compliant.

“Within the proposed EU7 rules, OE manufacturers are looking at ways to prevent the removal and tampering of emissions related parts and software.

“The upside of this is that the service life of parts will be far greater than they currently are but this also means that emissions issues will have to be dealt with in a correct, ethical and environmentally friendly way.”

For any further information contact Justin O’Brien in Autojob on 087 771 5387.