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Wire ferrule crimp-connector set from Laser Tools

Ferrule type crimp connectors have grown in popularity over the years particularly when fitting aftermarket electronics to vehicles.

Particularly useful for fitting auxiliary power management systems, charge controllers, etc, where WAGO or screw-type connectors are used.

Wire ferrules, when used with the correct crimping tool, replace the need for tinning the wire ends with solder.

The ferrules are crimped on to the end of a bare wire to improve support of the wire and the connection quality.

This new set from Laser Tools (part number 8582) includes a four-tooth crimping tool that ensures a tidy and very strong crimp.

This crimping tool gives a strong clamp-ready wire end which prevents fraying of the wire stands, provides additional strength and is easier to clamp.

The set includes a useful and comprehensive assortment of wire ferrule connectors: 22AWG/0.5mm2 (200), 20AWG/0.75mm2 (200), 18AWG/1.0mm2 (200), 16AWG/1.5mm2 (250), 14AGW/2.5mm2 (250), 12AWG/4.0mm2 (50), 10AWG/6mm2 (25), and 7AWG/10mm2 (25).

These are sturdy connectors, the coloured shroud providing additional support to the wire where it meets the connection.

Use on cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, camper vans, mobile homes and general electronics.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist.