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Peugeot offering improved availability of van range

Peugeot says that fortunately, there has been notable improvement in the availability of commercial Peugeot vehicles here in 2023, although it has yet to fully return to pre-existing levels. As we progress through the year, we are gradually reclaiming our once strong market share in the light commercial sector.

It adds that: “The demand for our van models and their various sizes remains exceptionally high. Particularly, there is a continued high demand for electric vans from semi-state and large organisations. Our dealer network and fleet team deserve commendation for efficiently handling the processing and delivery of these units as they become available”.

Peugeot e-Partner Van option adds to the appeal

The latest generation of Peugeot Partner van offers comfort and functionality in the utility segment with the Peugeot i-Cockpit as well as the freedom to choose between a petrol, diesel or electric engine.

The new all-electric e-Partner van promises up to 275 km driving range (WLTP), without compromising on performance. It comes with identical useful volumes, in two lengths and two body shapes, with a payload of 800kg. The towing capacity is 750 kg.

It promises lower energy costs than with fuel, and lower maintenance costs. The current Government grants are €5,000 eco bonus and €2,500 conversion bonus.

Versatile and spacious Peugeot Boxer van range

As a great multi-purpose van for moving bulky or heavy loads, Peugeot invites us to discover the Boxer van range, a line-up of large-volume minibuses or commercial vehicles that are easy to handle, robust, economical and adaptable.

The Boxer van is available in multiple versions according to your uses. Peugeot reminds us that the Boxer is designed and equipped to meet the long-term requirements of professionals, and the comfort of a mobile office.

It offer a spacious load space with floor width between wheel arches is optimised at 1.422m, with maximum width of 1.870m. There is also a large-volume options available from 8 to 17 m3. In addition, there is a wide range of gross vehicle weights (GVW) to choose from, with two different ranges – Light (4 offers from 2.8 to 3.5 tonnes) and Heavy (2 offers from 3.5 to 4 tonnes).

With the transition to the latest “Euro 6” pollution control standards, the Boxer renewed its range. In addition to the usual PRO and PREMIUM trim levels, “preconfigured” GRIP and ASPHALT versions as well as new equipment are appearing in the BOXER range.

Finally, Peugeot reminds us that the Boxer van offers you the freedom to choose between an diesel or all-electric engine.