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DHL introduces biofueled trucks for F1 European races

Logistics company DHL has introduced biofueled trucks for the European leg of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship.

The trucks are set to reduce carbon emissions by a minimum of 60 per cent when compared to standard fuels, with the potential for higher savings.

DHL’s first biofuel truck fleet is made up of 18 new trucks running on HVO100 drop-in fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil).

The new trucks, which will travel around 10,600 kilometres across this season’s European races, will reduce carbon emissions while maintaining the same level of performance in terms of load capacity and travel distance as their diesel counterparts and provide a safer and more sustainable process of sourcing.

DHL trucks are also equipped with GPS to monitor fuel consumption and optimise more efficient routes when delivering ‘the race between the race’ at Formula 1 events.

This innovation comes as Formula 1 continues to make steps towards the introduction of an advanced sustainable fuel in 2026, alongside the next-generation hybrid engine, which could also have a hugely positive impact on the wider automotive and transport industry with drop-in capabilities.