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Osram and Ring Workshop Solutions van tours Ireland

Osram and Ring provide comprehensive workshop solutions that combine high-quality lighting with top-notch tools and equipment, writes John Loughran.

By creating a well-lit and organised workspace, you can increase productivity, reduce accidents, and improve the overall efficiency of your workshop.

The Osram and Ring Workshop Solutions van undertook a four week tour of Ireland in February and March visiting garages and workshops in support of its key customers in Ireland.

It was a bright crisp, Friday morning when the Osram / Ring Workshop Solutions van, piloted by Ehsan Ali, pulled up outside Top Part, Park West, Dublin.

This was the last leg of an extensive tour of Top Part branches in Cork, Clonmel, Kilkenny, Wexford, Arklow and Park West that had started on the previous Monday morning.

Ehsan Ali demonstrates and promotes the products on the van

Dave Clarke of Top Part, Park West was on hand to take Ehsan and the van on a tour of a number of garages on the north side of the city.

Ehsan explained: “This is the second time the van has been to Ireland. This time we have been here for four weeks, two in Northern Ireland and two in the Republic working alongside our key customers promoting the Osram and Ring brands.

“The Osram and Ring Workshop Solutions van enables us to get closer to the workshops and garages in conjunction with our customers and distributors in the UK and Ireland.”

From left: Alan Quinn, Dave Clarke, and Robbie Gill of Top Part, Park West

He added: “In terms of what is on the van, we try and bring as many new products to the garages and workshops as possible. In the Ring brand this includes Tyre Care, Battery Care, Inspection Lamps, EV accessories and Bulbs.

“For the OSRAM brand it’s all about Bulbs, Bulb Stands and LED fixture lighting (working and driving lights. It is my job to promote and demo the latest range of products we have to offer.”

Dave Clarke of Top Part elaborated: “We don’t sell directly from the van, but we facilitate interest and orders and we then follow up through the branches. It’s a very good way to generate interest in the various products on the van.”

Top Part’s impressive premises in Park West