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Maha Ireland pays tribute to two long-serving colleagues

Maha Ireland has hailed the dedication and loyalty of two members of staff after they celebrated 20-year anniversaries.

Ivan Swarbrick and Dave Delaney were presented with stylish commemorative trophies and a hotel voucher during the equipment supplier’s annual employee meeting, to thank them for their devoted service over two decades.

Maha Ireland managing director, Eoin Mallon, said: “Both Dave and Ivan have been consummate professionals during their time at Maha Ireland.

“Their proficiency, commitment and likeability have served their customers and colleagues well over the course of their time with us.

“Their work is outstanding, and we hope they’ll continue to offer this service for a long time to come yet! We thank the pair of them.”

Ivan Swarbrick

Ivan, a senior engineer, began his Maha Ireland journey 21 years ago. He explained that when he first started working for the company, it only had two service engineers to cater the whole of Northern Ireland – now it has five, which illustrates the improved infrastructure it has in place.

He added: “I enjoy working on such a variety of equipment. Even if I am doing the same job on separate days, I am doing it in a different place with different people. It’s good to be challenged, and my job at Maha Ireland regularly throws up challenges that I’ve never seen before!

“Getting to drive all over the country – accompanied by my two dogs! – meeting such a variety of people and working alongside them and, of course, the people in Maha Ireland itself is why I’ve stayed for as long as I have.”

Dave, meanwhile, started life at Maha Ireland by performing calibrations, maintenance, installations and commissioning.

“The face-to-face interaction with customers gave me a good grounding in the processes of vehicle testing, as several testing bodies were investing in equipment at that time,” he said.

Today, he provides technical support and training to both staff and external customers on a broad range of topics, from accredited laboratory calibration details to software and equipment queries.

“I am proud of Maha Ireland for being a recognised leader, and the team that we have are all dedicated to helping our customers. It’s great to be part of that philosophy,” he added.

More milestones
The annual employee meeting was also an opportunity to pay homage to seven other colleagues who have each amassed over 10-years of service, all of whom received token vouchers.

These milestones mean that more than half of the Maha Ireland workforce have accrued more than a decade’s service – highlighting the organisation’s determination in striving for staff satisfaction, presentation of opportunities and creation of team cohesion.

Eoin Mallon, who himself has worked for Maha Ireland for 14 years, commented: “We’re a tight-knit team across both our Dublin and Lisburn offices.

“We endeavour to create a positive working environment and warm atmosphere, full of opportunities to develop and progress, which makes Maha Ireland a desirable place to work.”