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DPF and SCR advice from Autojob

Autojob, the DPF and SCR cleaning and repair specialists is advising operators on how to avoid considerable unnecessary costs from unserviceable DPF and SCR units.

Autojob reports that it has seen some units arrive at its premises for cleaning only to discover they are beyond cleaning/repair. There are a number of factors for this and the most important is the lack of regular maintenance, according to Autojob.

Like any other filter, DPFs and SCRs require interval maintenance and not just when the vehicle has fault lights flashing on the dash or has reduced engine performance.

Autojob recommends getting units cleaned and checked at 300,000km intervals after trouble-free, normal operation. This may be less depending on driving styles, operating conditions etc and DPF/SCR service intervals should be adjusted accordingly.

Carrying out forced re-gens to try and overcome DPF/SCR issues and ignoring underlying root causes, only leads to other more expensive repairs further on in the near future, Autojob says.

In situations where there has been component failure like the replacement of a faulty AdBlue injector and the DPF/SCR is not cleaned correctly off the vehicle, inevitably there will be a continuation of issues.

Issues such as higher back pressure from SCR catalysts that are partially blocked with crystalised AdBlue and catalyst efficiency faults can occur and no amount of on vehicle, forced regenerating will clean the unit.

Higher exhaust back pressure leads to more pressure on engine components like the turbo, which will lead to premature failure.

Not getting your DPF/SCR cleaned properly at regular intervals will result higher fuel consumption, because the engine has to work harder in getting to the exhaust stage.

Regular, periodic DPF/SCR unit cleaning is so important, and can save operators unnecessary costs over the life of the DPF/SCR.

Autojob can arrange to have your unit collected and cleaned from anywhere so please do not hesitate to contact the company on 087 7715387 to make arrangements.’