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Buffalo Bull EFB for long-distance trucks

Starter and on-board batteries in the commercial vehicle field must fulfil a growing variety of special needs, such as the maximum energy demand emanating from the increasing number of comfort functions in long-distance trucks.

Drivers often spend the night in their vehicles and use various electrical consumers. Moreover, in the case of battery integration into the rear chassis, extreme vibration-resistance is essential.

Banner, distributed in Ireland by Europower Battery Centre, has launched the new Buffalo Bull EFB onto the market for precisely these toughest requirements.

These days, a long-distance truck is more than just a means of transporting goods from A to B – it is the driver’s workplace and home for often three nights per week and therefore the Buffalo Bull EFB has been designed specifically for this situation.

About the new Buffalo Bull EFB:

  • Range of three standard battery sizes (A, B and C boxes) with 150 Ah, 190 Ah and 240 Ah
  • Increased cyclical resistance owing to the active mass recipe and glass fleece covers
  • Robust design und maximum vibration resistance due to special set bonding
  • Improved mesh corrosion resistance through the use of a continuous production process
  • Calcium technology for minimal water consumption
  • Designed for high energy requirements resulting from increasing comfort functions in long-distance trucks
  • Maintenance-free (no topping up with water) under normal operating conditions
  • Add-ons such as short-circuit protection and ED plug for heightened product safety
  • Central degassing with integrated flame arrestor Dimensions in accordance with EN 50342-4:2009