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Heavy CV diagnostics equipment from Woodford Diagnostic & Training

The Launch PRO 5 HD+ diagnostic equipment for use on heavy commercial vehicles is available in Ireland from Woodford Diagnostic & Training.

The PRO 5 HD+ is said to offer a faster, smoother experience, developed on the foundations of the latest Launch PRO 5 diagnostic equipment on the reliable Android 9.0 operating system.

Diagnostic functions include read and clear codes, view live data streams, bi-directional control, and actuation tests.

The Launch HD Box 3, an additional module for car-based tools, is available to use with the PRO 4, PRO 5, and Euro Tab II and III, and is an ideal add-on module for customers working with heavy commercial vehicles.

It enables technicians using Launch’s range of tools to perform comprehensive diagnostics on a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, including trailer ABS systems, Cummings, Detroit Diesel, and Caterpillar engines.

The PRO 5 HD+ links up with HD Box 3 using 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band communication, which ensures a quick and stable connection. The HD+ comes with a comprehensive set of manufacturer specific connectors, which includes OBD connectors and switching line test cables.

Available separately is the Launch Professional HD database, the electronic version offers guided diagnostics from fault code to a test plan to a final fix.

The database includes wiring diagrams, component locations, ground points, fuse, relay information and more. An ‘Ultimate’ pack version is also available comprising, tech, electronics and smart solutions.

For more information contact Woodford Diagnostic & Training on 049 436 2877.