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Call for tradespeople to install dashcams to prevent tool theft

Tradespeople are being urged to install dashcams to deter thieves, as it is revealed that tool theft has cost the industry billions in losses.

Road safety technology providers at Road Angel in the UK have warned tradespeople to protect their vehicles, given the growing concern of tool theft rates; which is no different here in Ireland, either.

Tradespeople and their vans are becoming even bigger targets to criminals who are eager to make a quick buck by selling the stolen equipment online or to pawn brokers.

The ‘Tradespeople Against Tool Theft’ white paper in the UK shows that nearly four in five tradespeople have experienced tool theft, costing the industry a massive £2.5 billion.

Reports also show that 78 per cent of tradespeople have had their tools stolen, with just one per cent having their equipment returned.

Even if they are insured for equipment loss, having a stolen van or tools will severely impact tradies, as they’re unable to work and make a steady income.

From sourcing replacement equipment to rebooking appointments or paying for damage and repairs, theft can severely impact tradespeople’s jobs and mental health.

Experts at Road Angel are calling for tradespeople to install dash cams that offer a ‘parking mode’ in their vehicles to protect themselves against theft.

Many are unaware that the unique feature on some dash cams can record crucial evidence if someone targets a vehicle.

Parking mode means the dashcam will keep recording footage even when the vehicle’s engine is off.

It means a vehicle can have 24-hour protection even when the engine is off and parked up, something which is really important for tradespeople who have to leave their vans parked in unknown areas or down the street out of sight.

Parking mode on dashcams works by using a series of motion sensors which detect vibrations or a sudden change in direction, so they will begin to record footage if it detects a thief trying to break in.

Gary Digva, the founder of Road Angel, said it is important to be one step ahead of criminals.

“The spiralling cost of living crisis will no doubt drive more people to steal high-value goods, so it’s crucial to protect your van and tools as best you can,” he said.

“Dashcams which have a parking mode are ideal for tradespeople who have to leave their vans parked down side streets out of sight in unknown areas when out on a job. The camera will start rolling when it detects any impact or movement.

“This will mean you have hard evidence of any criminal activity to hand over to the police, and placing a dashcam in full view for any thieves to see should help deter them from stealing anything.”