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Range of Peugeot Professional special vehicles

Peugeot says that it understands the specific needs of its professional customers. Its commercial vehicles can be converted and fitted out to be perfectly suited to the requirements of each profession.

Peugeot Adapted Vehicles
Using models from its ranges as a base, conversions that suit specific trades and uses can be offered.

These include: Crew vans; Tippers and dropsides; Aerial work platforms; Refrigerated vans; Large-capacity vehicles; Off-road vehicles; Transport of people, including those with reduced mobility; Taxis; Emergency vehicles (ambulances, etc.); Transport of animals; Retail vans; Recreational vehicles; as well as other bespoke vehicles (e.g. pick-ups, mobile offices, food trucks, etc.).

Peugeot reminds us that commercial vehicles and saloons, whether converted or not, can benefit from specific fittings, options and accessories.

Specialist fittings for the catering, distribution, meat, seafood, and healthcare industries are possible.

Other options include dual battery/ mains power, heating mode, temperature recorder, water evacuation, PHARMA certification, multi-temperature, shelving, etc.

Peugeot says that its dealers can discus your specific needs, and will check with local suppliers to see if a solution is available for your requirements.