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Feb fuel prices: Petrol up 2.5pc, diesel down 1.7pc

The average petrol driver now spends around €2,003 per year on fuel, while the average diesel buyer €1,680.

Fuel prices remained relatively steady across Ireland in February, the latest fuel prices survey shows.

The average petrol price was €1.65 in February, up 2.5 per cent on January 2023 of this year.

But diesel prices dropped slightly this month, with the average at €1.68 – 1.7 per cent less than in January.

The survey also shows that the average electric vehicle driver spends €1,306 on electricity per annum, which is around 34 per cent less than running an equivalent petrol vehicle.

The survey noted that fuel prices are fairly stable, despite the introduction of an EU-wide ban on importing Russian oil products, which came into effect on 5th February.

The Government is also expected to end a reduction on duty on petrol and diesel at the end of February.

It is estimated that the proposed cessation of the excise duty on petrol and diesel will increase fuel prices by 15 cents per litre for diesel and 20 cents per litre for petrol.