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Gillett takes first MirrorCam-equipped Mercedes-Benz trucks

Lancashire-based waste management specialist Gillett Environmental has commissioned the first two trucks from a clutch of six Mercedes-Benz skiploaders ordered.

The company’s latest Arocs 18-tonners all represent extensions to a fleet in which Mercedes-Benz was already the dominant brand.

One of the two Arocs already in service is equipped with MirrorCam, the manufacturer’s alternative to conventional mirrors. Likewise, the final three, which will be delivered early next year.

Gillett Environmental director Alan Towle behind the wheel of a MirrorCam-equipped Mercedes-Benz truck

Relayed to screens mounted on the A-pillars inside the cab, the images from the roof-mounted cameras remain crisp and clear, even when it’s raining, so drivers no longer have the hassle of wiping water and road debris from standard wing mirrors.

Mercedes-Benz says that only do they benefit from greatly improved rear visibility, but the absence of conventional mirror housings also eliminates large, forward-facing blind spots.

Joe Gillett, who is a director at Gillett Environmental, said one of its longest-serving drivers trialled a MirrorCam-equipped Mercedes-Benz trucks, “who loved the Arocs and was very positive about MirrorCam”.

“He was pleasantly surprised at the level of enhanced visibility, as well as the reduced fatigue he felt after a day’s work in the truck,” he added.