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Autojob has DPF/SCR cleaning covered

Clonakilty-based Autojob last year purchased an additional new piece of equipment for its DPF/SCR cleaning services, which it demonstrated at October’s CV Workshop EXPO in Dublin

The company says it discovered that potential customers were unable to clean complete SCR/DPF units as found in Euro V and VI applications.

Cases of units becoming completely blocked due to AdBlue issues, turbo failures and other related powertrain complaints, in many cases required the costly necessity for the units to be replaced.

Autojob says that its new cost effective, cleaning application has the ability to successfully remove deposits that were once “impossible” to eliminate.

Commercial units before and after an Autojob clean.

Autojob owner Justin O’Brien said the main reason for the investment is to better accommodate the commercial sector and the larger units used.

“We have the machine up and running and the results are very impressive,” he stated.

“This machine can cater for complete commercial units that have become blocked due to oil, AdBlue or other heavy deposits. It can take a unit measuring up to 1m³, which is pretty large.”

Justin O’Brien at the CV Workshop EXPO 2022 in Dublin.

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