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K2 Recovery takes Totalkare lifting and testing equipment

Northamptonshire-based K2 Recovery has upgraded its Kettering workshop with an electro-hydraulic two post lift, heavy duty four post lift, diesel smoke meter, and a headlamp tester from Totalkare.

The two post lift will complement the four post lift in being able to accommodate and provide a lifting solution for both light commercial and heavy duty vehicles. Combining this with a smoke metre and headlamp tester, it will assist K2 Recovery in its ongoing vehicle repair and maintenance tasks.

The 5,500kg capacity two post lift from Totalkare has a base-free design and is an ideal solution when a fixed post lift is needed and the flexibility of a mobile vehicle lift is not required. Due to its high load bearing capacity, the two post lift is designed specifically for vans, minibuses and pickup trucks through to small heavy vehicles.

Totalkare’s heavy duty four post lift is suitable for vehicles up to 33,000kg, however K2 Recovery have opted for the 25,000kg, nine-metre model, perfect for the vast majority of vehicles passing through their workshop for repair and maintenance. For ease of use the four post lift is available as surface or recessed mounted and is available with drive on/drive through options.

The diesel smoke metre is an ideal diagnostic tool to ensure proper maintenance of diesel engines for improved fuel economy and protection of the environment. The smoke metre detects and measures the amount of light blocked in a sample of smoke emitted from diesel engines in cars, vans, buses, coaches and trucks.

With the increasing number of clean air zones in the UK, the regular testing of diesel engine emissions will ensure vehicles leaving the K2 Recovery workshop meet the latest requirements.

The Totalkare headlamp tester is designed for checking both the orientation and intensity of a vehicle headlamp, to ensure that it meets the minimum required standards. Headlamp aim is the most common failure item at annual test for both HGVs and PSVs, therefore it will play an important role in ensuring all vehicle headlamps are in working order and compliant with DVSA standards.

“Our business has been expanding over the years and with an increased vehicle throughput, we felt it was the right time to upgrade our workshop equipment,” said Dave Bown, managing director at K2 Recovery.

“The two post lift is perfect for any vans that come into our workshop requiring maintenance work, and the four post is ideal for the heavier vehicles. The equipment is allowing us to save time and money, whilst continuing to offer high quality services to our customer and increasing our workshop flexibility.”

Adam Bowser, sales director at Totalkare, added: “The quick lifting time for our two post and four post lifts will enable K2 Recovery to carry out any vehicle work as swiftly as possible, allowing them to increase productivity and keep customers happy, while the testing equipment will help ensure important compliance standards are routinely met.”