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Government to drop 2030 EV targets

The Government is set to scrap plans of having one million electric vehicles on Irish roads by 2030.

Speaking to, Minister for the Environment and Transport Eamon Ryan said he is finalising a new Climate Action Plan that will shift government policy to delivering more public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure in a bid to reduce overall car journeys.

When asked about the target of one million EVs, the Green Party leader said: “I think a lesser number, it hasn’t been finalised yet.

“At the moment, everything is designed around the presumption that people are going to use a car, and we’re not providing the alternative infrastructure to allow people not to use it. People want to use public transport, they don’t want to be stuck in traffic.”

Minister Ryan claimed that the Climate Action Plan for 2023 will now aim to make just over 30 per cent of the national fleet EVs by the end of the decade.

He added that €100 million will be allocated over three years for more EV-charging infrastructure, including €15 million for charge points at sports clubs.