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DAF Components powering Amsterdam’s public transport ferry

DAF Components is to provide two PACCAR MX-11 engines for Amsterdam’s IJveer 56 ferry. The municipal public transport company GVB has chosen PACCAR power plants due to their low NOx emissions, low fuel consumption and longer service intervals.

They can also be easily switched to new alternative fuels such as GTL and HVO, which helps to reduce further the ferry’s carbon footprint.

The power sources supplied by DAF are versions of the latest generation Euro 6 PACCAR MX-11 engines that have been ‘marinised’ in collaboration with NPS Diesel and Vink Diesel. The modifications include an adapted cooling system to allow the engines to function optimally in the hot environment of the engine room.

Talsma Shipyard Franeker will fit the PACCAR engines in the large semi-covered IJveer 56 ferry. DAF Components is likely to receive an order for another six MX-11 engines following successful implementation.

“Our engines are significantly cleaner than required by the most stringent emission standard for inland waterway transport; the Stage V IWW directive,” says Alfred Beuwer, director of component sales at DAF Trucks.

The engines are designed to provide maximum performance at very low speeds. Beuwer elaborates: “This means both low fuel consumption and a more comfortable experience for passengers; the engines are also low-vibration and quiet. These PACCAR engines are a unique, sustainable solution for virtually all inland waterway transport: clean, comfortable and efficient.”

This is not the first time PACCAR engines have been fitted in vessels belonging to the Amsterdam local government. Previously, DAF Components has supplied PACCAR MX engines for the Port of Amsterdam (one vessel with two MX-13 engines) and for Waternet (three electric hybrid vessels with one MX-11 engine each).