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Prometeon and Heffernan focus on Serie 02 range

Kildare-based Heffernan Tyres is excited to add the next generation of Pirelli-branded tyres to its offering for fleet customers across Ireland under its partnership with Prometeon Tyre Group.

The Pirelli Serie 02 range is the result of four years of study, 180 million kilometres of tests on the roads of Italy, Germany and Turkey, the testing of 2,500 tyres, and the input of a working group of 100 professionals across Prometeon Tyre Group.

Heffernan Tyres MD Thomas Heffernan commented: “The performance data we’re seeing from Prometeon for the new Serie 02 range is very good. We’re looking forward to putting test sets on some of our own customers’ fleets and proving the new tyres as a further enhancement to a high-level offer.”

Unveiled earlier this year, the Serie 02 is the most important product launch in the history of Prometeon Tyre Group and represents the most advanced technological innovation in tyre development from the Italian manufacturer.

“Innovation and sustainability were the key targets for Prometeon’s R&D team when developing the new range,” explained Ali Yilmaz, Prometeon Tyre Group’s commercial director UK, Ireland & Nordics. “A key focus was on the sustainability of the tyres, starting with the use of raw materials and the production process.”

Sustainable and cost efficient
This attention to the environment makes the Serie 02 products more sustainable both in the production process as well as in use, boasting longer lasting performance that delivers a reduction of CO2 emissions, lower mileage and vital fuel savings.

“In these very challenging times, with rising inflation and increasing fuel costs, it’s important for manufacturers to continue developing sustainably, yet keeping in mind the practical requirements of fleets,” Heffernan added.

“Transport operators need high quality tyres at competitive prices that perform well and deliver great milage, with a good quality casing. Prometeon delivers this with the Serie 02 range.”

Indeed, compared to the previous range, the Serie 02 improves across all performances:

  • Rolling resistance is on average 18 per cent less for the first five product lines
  • Mileage is improved by 10 per cent on average
  • Durability is improved by 20 per cent on average
  • Even wear is improved by 10 per cent on average

Chief technical officer at Prometeon Tyre Group, Alexandre Bregantim, explained: “In the design and production of the Serie 02 we focused on formulations containing sustainable materials and on technological solutions and innovative processes that have allowed us to optimise the weight of the tyres without any compromise in performance.”

He added that all Serie 02 products can be “regrooved and are retreadable, extending the useful life of the tyre”.

Innovations at the heart of the new range
The Serie 02 range features five product lines with tyre specs designed for long haul, regional, urban and construction site use. Of particular note is the H02 PROFUEL tyre designed for long haul applications, which is the first Pirelli-branded tyre for tractor units SHTB that is rated A for fuel consumption.

Other significant innovations that make the Serie 02 stand out from the crowd, include:

  • SHTB (Super High Tensile Belt) – cords are made with high- strength steel, providing high flexibility and prevention of corrosion propagation, for superior integrity and longevity of the casing.
  • SWITe (Spiral Wire Technology) – the cable of the zero-degree spiral belt has a new geometry and an increased diameter, promoting durability and resistance.
  • LEDV (Low Energy Dissipation Belts) – innovative configuration of the belt pack to optimise the weight of the tyre and limit energy loss, promoting low rolling resistance and reducing fuel consumption.
  • SSRP (Step Shoulder Rib Profile) – a new tread shoulder profile promotes the correct distribution of footprint contact pressure, helping to improve even wear and mileage.

Dedicated dealer network
As the official distributor for the full range of Prometeon tyres – which includes the Pirelli, Formula, and Anteo brands – Heffernan Tyres is looking to create a network of “dedicated Prometeon agents” to provide wider coverage and increase market-presence for Prometeon.

“We currently have five dealers within our network, and we want to concentrate on expanding further with a strong fleet business serviced through our network of quality dealers,” said Thomas Heffernan. “We want to offer a complete tyre package to the fleets, providing them with quality service, comprehensive reporting and of course the premium quality of the Pirelli tyres.”

He added that Heffernan wants to hear from “like-minded tyre dealers” who are willing to work with Heffernan’s fleet customers to deliver “a strong managed offer” that will allow them to concentrate on running their haulage businesses.

“We use a fleet reporting system which provides our fleets with a range of reports on tyre performance and vehicle requirements such as alignment,” said Heffernan. “This allows us to offer the best service possible and take the worry of tyre maintenance and servicing from our fleet customers, providing regular performance reports.”