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Fines double for 16 road safety offences

Fines relating to 16 road safety offences have today (27th October) doubled.

The fine for speeding has doubled to €160, while fines for non-wearing of seatbelts and mobile phone use have doubled from €60 to €120.

Learner drivers found driving unaccompanied will now be fined €160, and for the non-display of ‘L’ and ‘N’ plates the fine has doubled to €120 – the same goes for tabards in the case of motorcyclists.

Failing to ensure that a child is properly restrained will now also set you back €120.

If a driver fails to pay the fine within a 28 day period it increases to €180 or €240. Fail to pay after a further 28 day period and the fine increases to €240 or €320.

Meanwhile, Minister of State Hildegarde Naughton announced today that three new fixed charge notices will come into force in the new year.

These relate to the misuse of a disabled parking permit, illegally parking in an electric charging bay and breaching a HGV ban and entering a specified public road without a valid permit.