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Bosch service parts for CV maintenance and repair

As a development partner to many manufacturers, Bosch says it is familiar with the requirements placed on systems, components and parts in commercial vehicles – even under extreme conditions.

Every trucker and fleet operator knows that winter can be a tough time – for drivers, vehicles and dispatchers. That’s why it’s advisable to do a thorough check before the cold season sets in. The vehicle needs to be looked over and any worn parts that are in danger of failing must be exchanged. Some wearing parts should also be replaced as a precaution.

Paying attention to quality, will save money in the medium term. Breaking down or taking risks in terms of safety are not acceptable solutions.

At temperatures below zero, windshield wipers are particularly exposed. At night, for example, cardboard can be placed between the wiper and windshield to prevent the rubber from freezing to the windshield and being damaged.

If they need to be replaced, Bosch recommends to mount Aerotwin flat-blade wipers (500 – 750 mm length). These wipers feature an aerodynamic profile and the innovative Power Protection Plus wiper blade technology along with a particularly quiet and long-lasting performance.

Another robust wiper blade is the hard-wearing Twin (400 – 1,000 mm length) with metal bracket system and triple corrosion protection.

Lack of charge and deep discharge of batteries are the most common reasons for failure in winter – even in professionally operated vehicles. The batteries are especially challenged when starting – among other things because of the viscous oil. Their condition should therefore be checked before the winter.

Reliable power supply is provided by the powerful and durable Bosch truck batteries TA, TE, T5, T4 and T3.

Light tests by official institutions on Europe‘s roads show a similar picture every autumn. Besides passenger cars sometimes also trucks are on the road with dangerously poor lighting. The function and correct setting of the vehicle lights should therefore be examined during the winter check.

With the Trucklight, Trucklight Maxlife, Xenon HID, Xenon Gigalight HID and Xenon White HID product lines, Bosch offers durable and robust 24 V automotive bulbs for commercial vehicles.

Air filters
The compressed air of the pneumatic systems in commercial vehicles must be dehumidified and cleaned of particles and oil mist. The beginning of the cold and wet season is the best time for the annual replacement of the air dryer cartridge. Frozen water in the compressed air can affect the function of the valves. The risk of corrosion in air reservoirs, valves and cylinders also increases.

Cabin air filters help prevent fogging of the windows and reduce deposits on the air conditioning system. This improves visibility and safety. The winter check is therefore the perfect opportunity to replace the cabin filter.

Bosch recommends replacement every 120,000 km at the latest or once a year. In addition, the vehicle manufacturer‘s specifications must be observed.