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Top tips from Osram to make your autumn brighter

The longer nights and good visibility go hand in hand, and therefore Osram is pointing to the importance of ‘checking’, ‘changing’ and ‘upgrading’ commercial vehicle lighting this autumn.

Opting for high-end innovations from established and trusted suppliers is crucial heading into the darker months to ensure optimum visibility. Osram is therefore urging technicians to embrace the latest technology in this safety-critical area, to ensure trucks and commercial vehicles are set up for darker nights and shorter days.

Not only is upgrading important for the obvious safety reasons, but it also offers cost-saving benefits to drivers and fleets.

Check, change and upgrade
As many technicians are aware, bulbs should always be changed in pairs, even if only one has blown. Most of Osram’s upgrade bulbs are sold in twin duo packs – making it easier to upgrade.

Both headlights are subject to the same stresses, so they will both be deteriorating together. Replacing just one failed bulb can result in an unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beam that can cause serious hazards for the driver and other road users.

Osram offers customers a handy calculator tool for fleet operators to work out their individual annual requirement for replacement bulbs. It also shows them how much money can be saved by installing its upgraded range of Truckstar Pro bulbs.

Truckstar Pro is Osram’s most powerful range of commercial vehicle halogen upgrade truck bulbs, built with vibration resistant technology to handle heavy duty applications.

The high-end product range provides up to 120 percent more brightness, allowing drivers to see further and react quicker. Truckstar Pro is the most powerful range of halogen truck bulbs from Osram and can be used to keep fleets safe and moving on the road at night.

Specialist technology built in to the Truckstar Pro range will light up the darkest of environments, and the uniform light distribution provides a clear view across the entire width of the road, helping commercial vehicle drivers to focus on longer drives.

Brighter bulbs for better visibility
Osram’s LEDriving HLT and HL low and high beam bulbs are the perfect replacement for forward lighting to benefit from highly efficient, bright LED lights.

These premium quality range of bulbs are 24v compatible, cool white colour temperature of 6000 K for brighter visibility, reduced glare thanks to optimised light distribution and can be easily installed by technicians.

Stocking up on the essentials
Osram has launched the 24V bulb cabinet, fully loaded with the fastest moving headlight and auxiliary bulbs in its range, and what’s more, it can be wall mounted so technicians can access the right bulb quickly for every job.

It also helps workshop engineers keep control of their bulb stock, providing a quick visual of what needs to be replenished.

The lockable AVS cabinet offers technicians a secure, easy reference of their bulb stock and quick availability at the point of installation, and it is complete with the fastest-moving Osram bulb references in the Osram Original range.

The 24V AVS cabinet contains ten of Osram’s 64155, 64156, 64196, 2841, 3930, 5626, 5627, 5637, 6423, 7510TSP and 7537 bulbs, plus 20 64215, 2845, and 7511 bulbs, all compliant to ECE regulation 37.