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Wheely-Safe technology receives DVSA recognition

Wheely-Safe’s latest generation wheel loss detection system, which combines brake and hub temperature monitoring with an intelligent TPMS, has become one of the first products recognised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The new scheme, launched earlier this year, enables non-statutory road safety products to be accredited by the DVSA – with the ‘DVSA Recognised’ label awarded to those that are ‘well designed and delivered with genuine potential to improve road safety’.

Gary Thomas, group director at Wheely-Safe, said: “We founded the business in 2010 with the goal to develop low cost, easy to use and easy to fit, highly durable and extremely effective solutions that can have a real impact on improving road safety.

“The ultimate aim was to end the global issue of wheel loss once and for all, while also tackling wheel end temperature issues – the largest cause of fires in commercial vehicles after the engine.

“We are now well on our way to hitting those targets. Today our patented sensor technology is being adopted across many areas of road transport – protecting thousands of HGVs and PSVs both in the UK and internationally.

“To have our products recognised by the DVSA is a hugely important step on our journey.”

The Wheely-Safe system is a final control measure to protect fleets from the risks of wheel loss, brake and hub overheating, tyre underinflation, rapid leakage and high tyre temperatures.

In-motion alerts, no matter what speed the vehicle is travelling, or in what weather conditions, allow the driver to bring the vehicle safely to a halt should an issue be detected.

The latest generation Wheely-Safe kit is also telematics-ready, bringing increased opportunities for connectivity and reporting.