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Premium award for DT Spare Parts and Siegel Automotive

The products of the DT Spare Parts and Siegel Automotive brands have been listed in the leading electronic parts catalogue TecDoc Catalogue from TecAlliance since 2008.

In order to offer users the best possible information, it is important to provide a large amount of detailed product and application data that is checked regularly. TecAlliance has given DT Spare Parts and Siegel Automotive the premium award for this.

As part of a quarterly supplier evaluation by experienced experts, the data provided by DT Spare Parts and Siegel Automotive is also regularly checked to ensure that it meets the information requirements at the point of service.

This spare parts information is then prepared in accordance with the internationally recognised TecDoc standard, so that it can then be made available to users uniformly and in the highest quality.

Due to the excellent catalogue data, both brands of the Diesel Technic Group receive the status ‘Premier Data Supplier’ (PDS). Previously, DT Spare Parts and Siegel Automotive held the certification as ‘Certified Data Supplier’.

As PDS, both brands not only fulfil the TecDoc criteria for Certified Data Suppliers, but also other much stricter content requirements. Among other things, the KPIs include aspects of the product content.

TecAlliance is Europe’s leading information and communication platform for participants in the independent automotive aftermarket.

In addition to the TecDoc Catalogue, the Diesel Technic product range can also be found in the Partner Portal, Diesel Technic’s future-oriented information and eCommerce procurement platform.

The complete range of the DT Spare Parts brand includes around 40,000 spare parts suitable for many vehicle applications, e.g. for trucks, trailers, buses and transporter, as well as for other applications such as passenger cars, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, marine and industrial applications, etc.

The Siegel Automotive brand product range includes around 1,000 spare parts for body and cab, lighting and electrical equipment, as well as for other product groups.