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GRW takes over Schmitz Cargobull Toddin factory

Silo and tanker maker GRW has taken over the Schmitz Cargobull factory for motor vehicle superstructures in Toddin, Germany.

Schmitz Cargobull holds a 40 per cent stake in GRW Holdings which makes silo and tank trailers at the northern Germany site. Production of Schmitz Cargobull bodies will continue at the site.

GRW was set up in 1996 in South Africa, specialising in the manufacturing of tank and silo trailers. Schmitz Cargobull supplies vehicle components to GRW and has held a stake in the company since the end of 2017.

In order to strengthen GRW’s European market presence, the company took over the Schmitz Cargobull production site in Toddin to make tankers for Europe, with a planned production of more than 100 vehicles in 2022.

GRW Europe CEO, Gerhard van der Merwe.

“With the production site in Germany, we are strengthening the GRW brand and sending a clear signal as to our commitment in Europe,” said Gerhard van der Merwe, chief executive.

“We can react faster to fulfil the specific wishes of our customers and, with Schmitz Cargobull as a partner, further expand our range of products and services.”

GRW silo and tank trailers will have TrailerConnect telematics and in future will have Schmitz Cargobull Modulus running gear and Rotos. GRW is also available as a service partner for both its own and Schmitz Cargobull vehicles for repair and maintenance.