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Falken releases technical guide for truck and bus tyres

In response to the increased pressure to reduce costs in the transport industry, Falken has created a comprehensive ‘Technical Support – Commercial Tyre Guide’ for truck and bus operators.

Available now, this new guide supports commercial customers make informed decisions to reduce operating costs. It provides responses to questions such as:

– What factors extend performance through to the end of a tyre’s life?

– Why is winter the best season to fit new tyres to commercial vehicles?

– Why do individual tyres wear irregularly?

– How can a user maximise the lifespan of their tyres?

– What should be considered when checking air pressure during sub-zero temperatures?

– What are the effects of underinflation or overloading on tyres?

In addition to providing users with in-depth information surrounding the maintenance of bus and truck tyres, it also features a comprehensive fact file on commercial tyre use, such as air pressure recommendations and the potential added value of a tyre after the minimum tread depth has been reached.

Daniel Hupke, manager technical service & quality assurance at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH said: “With this new Technical Guide, we are looking to build on our successes of our passenger car tyre guide that was released last summer.

“Numerous downloads and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the market have encouraged us to launch this new edition that focuses on commercial vehicles.

“We not only stand for tyres with an excellent price-performance ratio, we also set the standards with our customer service experience.”

“Whether it’s manufacturer collaborations or tyre approvals, which are produced by our technical support team within the shortest possible time, the various services available on our website or the five year warranty on our tyres, Falken offers a total package for partner organisations and consumers alike,” Hupke added.

Falken’s new 30-page guide is available now in English via the B2B dealer shop.