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An electric long-haul trailer with 650km of range

Swedish freight technology firm Einride is developing a trailer optimised for electric and autonomous trucks, which it claims can provide insights into transport operations based on artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the firm, the Einride Trailer is an electric long-haul semi-trailer that can travel up to 650km on a single charge thanks to its 320 kWh batteries.

Production of this electric trailer is expected to completed next year, when initial piloting will commence.

While it’s been designed to integrate with Einride’s other electric and autonomous vehicles, it will also be compatible with conventional electric trucks.

The smart trailer is powered by the company’s Saga digital operating platform, which it describes as a suite of apps for end-to-end electric and autonomous freight.

Einride says that its new trailer will provide AI-based insights into the cargo being transported by providing real-time data across key touch points, including loading route planning, fill rates, cargo monitoring, and preventative maintenance.