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Michelin Connected Fleet launches in UK and Ireland

Michelin used a recent trade show in England to officially launch Michelin Connected Fleet in the UK and Ireland, its new brand bringing together all the fleet management services and solutions of the tyre group under one banner.

Michelin Connected Fleet already receives and processes data from approximately 300 million journeys per year, comprising Masternaut in Europe, NexTraq in North America, and Sascar in South America – collectively responsible for 600,000 vehicles operated by 70,000 customers, spanning 48 countries.

This new service collects vital data through a range of comprehensive and advanced on-board telematics systems to give fleet managers a real-time view of their goods, the trucks and trailers making up their fleet, and where they are located. This helps to optimise fleet utilisation, which in turn reduces operating costs, whilst also bolstering road safety by providing valuable feedback on driving behaviours.

A spokesperson for Michelin Connected Fleet said: “We are focused on helping fleet managers to accelerate their business with performance analysis services, based on smart data and tools, which lead to better insights and better visibility. In turn this helps to make operations more cost-effective, safer, more predictable and sustainable.”

Data can also be used to help anticipate maintenance requirements, leading to reductions in unscheduled downtime. Plus, the system can monitor tyre pressures and temperatures to considerably reduce the likelihood of roadside breakdowns, which can lead to missed deliveries, vehicle damage and increased tyre costs.

Highlighting Michelin Connected Fleet’s offering, the spokesperson added: “We stand out for delivering personalised assistance from our team of Michelin Connected Fleet experts. It’s no longer enough just to provide access to fleet data; we have performance analysis embedded into our offering. This means we are perfectly placed to help customers master the management of their fleets and improve their operations. Our analysis can unlock savings and help define future fleet strategy. We’re focused on adding value, at every stage.”

Gilson Santiago, chief executive of Michelin Connected Fleet said: “Data management is vital when it comes to running a fleet. As vehicle technology develops, our expertise in data analysis allows us to meet our customers’ requirements as precisely as possible to assist them in their activities.

“With Michelin Connected Fleet, we offer them the tools and expert support to help them transform the data from their vehicles into information with high added value. This will allow them to improve their company’s efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, and make their operations safer.”