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Welsh haulier benefitting from Michelin accidental tyre damage guarantee

Wrexham-based haulage firm, BJ Clarke is reaping the benefits of Michelin’s accidental tyre damage guarantee following a recent incident which wiped out two of its trailer tyres.

Commenting on the incident, James Clarke, director at BJ Clarke says: “One of our trucks rolled over a girder that was sticking out near the roadside, at no fault of the driver, completely taking out two of the trailer’s tyres on one side.

“Usually, we would have been looking at a full replacement bill, but thanks to the tyre guarantee we got 75 per cent of that paid back to us, to help fund the new tyres.”

Wrexham-based BJ Clarke operates a fleet of 21 Scania trucks and a mix of more than 60 trailers.

Operating a fleet of 21 Scania trucks and a mix of more than 60 trailers, run exclusively on Michelin tyres, BJ Clarke found the product to last significantly longer and perform better than any other fitment on the market – reducing downtime and helping to boost the sustainability of its operation.

Michelin’s accidental tyre damage guarantee protects the majority of its regional and on/off-road ranges – reinforcing the benefits of operating a premium Michelin policy. It covers accidental damage suffered before a fitment is 50 per cent worn. If the tyres are less than 10 per cent worn, a full refund is issued and if the tyre is 50-90 per cent worn, a 75 per cent refund is given back.