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Unitruc takes load-simulating brake tester from Totalkare

Logistics, freight and container transport operator Unitruc has switched to in-house brake testing after investing in a load-simulating brake tester from workshop equipment experts Totalkare.

Unitruc operates container transport to and from all major UK ports and various European destinations while also providing UK traction and commercial repair and maintenance services. The Essex-based operator also offers contract hire services for single trucks or whole fleets with a wide range of trailer types including curtain sided trailers, solid sided box trailers and skeletal trailers for container transport.

Unitruc had been outsourcing its brake testing for its entire fleet and recognised the time and cost savings that could be achieved by introducing in-house testing, turning to lifting and testing specialists Totalkare for assistance.

Totalkare installed a load-simulating in-ground brake tester that will not only save Unitruc the time involved in driving to and from the test centre and the test itself, but also the time it takes to load each trailer being tested prior to test. Coupled with the savings resulting from reduced mileage, vehicle wear and tear, driver time and the cost of the test, it adds up to significant amount saved each year while also maximising fleet availability.

In Unitruc’s case the galvanised steel brake tester was installed outdoors with Totalkare managing the civil works involved.

The brake tester comes supplied with cabinet, computer, printer, monitor and handheld tablet which enables brake tests to be conducted with ease from within the cab of the vehicle in just a few minutes.

It will be supported by a Totalkare aftersales contract which includes two field engineer visits each year for service and calibration.

“It’s important for the future growth of our business that fleet downtime is minimised,” said Matt Norton, transport manager at Unitruc.

“The time we’ll save by brake testing in-house and not having to manually load each trailer is substantial, as are the costs of testing externally. We are impressed with both the quality of the product and the quality of the installation, with Totalkare supporting us throughout the process.”

Adam Bowser, sales & marketing director at Totalkare commented: “Our load-simulating brake tester is a terrific product. Hooking up to the trailer being testing is really simple and with the number of vehicles and trailers in Unitruc’s fleet, the value to the business of testing in-house should be felt almost immediately.”