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UFI develops dual air filtration system for MAN Lion’s City bus

UFI Filters has developed a dual filtration system, including airbox, for the MAN Lion’s City, one of the most widely used buses for urban and suburban transport in Europe, which is fitted with the new D15 Euro 6d engine, a light, robust and compact six-cylinder.

With a glass-fibre reinforced plastic body, the UFI module includes two air filters manufactured according to the exclusive FormulaUFI.CELL, which UFI says guarantee maximum protection and efficiency for the latest generation of MAN engines, the D15 Euro 6d.

Key features of the new six-cylinder engine include its significantly reduced weight; at 230 kg less than the previous version, it offers much lower fuel consumption.

The air filter is essential in reducing fuel consumption and emissions and in extending the life of the engine, as well as protecting the system from the dust and debris that comes with the air from the external environment; such as our cities, for example, which are laden with smog and solid polluting particles of different sizes which are highly abrasive (often referred to as “road dust”).

Specifically, the two filter cartridges – both engineered and manufactured by UFI – perform a dual function, protecting both from coarse particles (with a filtration capacity of 99.98%) and from fine particles (with a barrier effect of 99.95%). This ensures that the air entering the combustion chamber is clean, so that the combustion process remains efficient.

The supply of clean air for combustion allows the engine components to function correctly and also greatly reduces wear on the piston – piston rings – cylinder wall system (abbreviated as P-FE-PC in Italian)

Failure to change the air filter regularly can lead to premature wear of other components such as valves and injectors, and even to engine seizure. For this reason, UFI Filters “highly recommends” regular servicing. The replacement part for the Man Lion’s City bus is already available in its aftermarket catalogue under the code UFI 27.MAN.00.

Dual protection is provided thanks to the air and oil filter from UFI Filters for the MAN D15 on the Lion’s City bus, the light, quiet and clean high-performance engine that can be integrated with the MAN EfficientHybrid energy management starter system.

The full UFI oil filtration module is already known for its advanced thermal management capacity, courtesy of the heat exchanger which includes a two-stage thermostatic valve. This filter is not only fitted on the new MAN Lion’s City bus, but also on the latest generation of TGX and TGS lorries.

The replacement part is available in the UFI catalogue under code 25.174.00 UFI and in the SOFIMA catalogue under S 5174 PE.