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Manchester haulier expands Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil-fuelled fleet

A Manchester logistics company has taken delivery of its first of six New Generation DAF trucks that are fuelled, like the rest of its 22-strong fleet, with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

JSP Hauliers’s new XG+ 530 FTG is the latest step in its expansion programme that will see a further five New Generation DAF XFs arrive in the coming months, also with HVO renewable diesel.

HVO fuel, an aromatic-free paraffinic diesel marketed as Green D by renewable fuels specialist Green Biofuels, delivers a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions “from well-to-wheel” by as much as 90 per cent compared to conventional diesel.

Importantly, use of HVO or similar Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) fuels requires no vehicle modifications, nor changes to service intervals.

Although the truck has not yet been used on consistent long-distance journeys, JSP says it has seen an initial increase in efficiency and economy over its previous generation DAF XF fleet.

The XG+ has an overall interior space of 12.5 cubic metres and includes two fridges, a microwave and DAF Digital Vision System.

Steven Singh, who directs JSP Hauliers alongside father Jarnial and brother Danny, said: “It’s company policy for us to use HVO fuel in all of our trucks. Although it costs us more than diesel, we’re pleased to play a part in reducing our overall emissions.

“Because of the sustainability benefits, we also find that it’s viewed favourably by current and prospective customers who are keen to minimise their own environmental footprint.”