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Bosch special filters for heavy commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles make money every day. Their operation is a constant race against the clock and operators seeking to avoid expensive downtimes don’t make any compromises. Bosch says this is why operators rely on its commercial vehicle filters.

It adds that its comprehensive range of filters is continually updated, providing the right solution for commercial vehicles, even for special applications and different functionalities.

This applies to the Bosch Denox filters, protecting the exhaust-gas treatment systems, the airdryer, or the hydraulic filters cleaning the hydraulic oil. This protects many systems like the hydraulic, transmissions and steering systems.

There are other filters types such as, oil mist separators, coolant filters, centrifugal oil filters, secondary air filters, special fuel filters for preliminary filtration. There are also dedicated cabin filters for roof mounted air conditioning used particularly on some bus applications.

Click here to download the Bosch’s latest truck filter catalogue.